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A Gift For The New Muslim Mother

A Gift for the New Muslim Mother is the perfect gift for the new Muslim mum. Written by a mother-of-three,it is packed with friendly, encouraging and practical advice on welcoming your newborn in Islam, breastfeeding, health, time management and lots more. It is liberally scattered with motivating Qur'an quotes, inspiring ahadith and comforting du'as, as well as top tips to help you be the best mum you can be in these precious early months.

Aisha The Wife, the Companion, the Scholar

This book portrays one of the most significant personalities in the history of Islam. Taking the misunderstandings and defamation about her into consideration, Aisha needs to be understood correctly. This study by Dr Resit Haylamaz, an expert on the life of the Prophet and his leading Companions, reflects her life in various aspects based on reliable reports. The book clarifies her critical role at establishing the Islamic teaching, with particular reference to her role in the transmission of private matters concerning women and marital relations, as well as recording the authentic sayings of the Prophet. 

Battle of The Hijaab

Discusses the current political scheming against hijaab and veiling, a situation which is pitching "liberal-minded" individuals and so-called "free societies" against the innocent, decent and God-fearing Muslimahs who choose to wear the hijaab and veil of their own free will in full submission to the commandment of the Lord of the Worlds.

Bent Rib a Journey Through Women’s Issues in Islam

This book examines several controversial topics such as domestic violence, female genital mutilation, polygyny and the failure to educate women and girls, and points out the divergence between Islamic teaching and actual culturally-influenced practice. In this 3rd edition of Bent Rib, important information has been updated and new and interesting developments in these areas are discussed with regard to their impact on Muslim women and their society.

Beyond the Kitchen Muslim Women on Balancing Life, Family & Work

Can a Muslim woman have a role beyond the domestic realm? For a variety of reasons, ranging from the financial to the intellectual, many Muslim women choose to work in fields that take them beyond the domestic realm, in many cases enhancing their roles in the home with their families. Beyond the Kitchen draws upon the real-life experiences of working Muslim women and discusses their challenges, from juggling domestic chores, family commitments and workplace demands to dealing with challenges such as wearing hijab in the workplace and deciding whether or not to attend the office Christmas party.

Birth Control & Abortion in Islam

Birth control, or family planning through contraception, has become a common practice in society. Many new methods of permanent and temporary contraception have become widespread. Consequently, Muslims have also increasingly begun adopting the various means of limiting or spacing out procreation. This no doubt has a deep influence on the very core of our society and thus raises many ethical and religious questions, particularly surrounding abortion. Birth Control & Abortion in Islam systematically and concisely presents the relevant rules and regulations of Islamic law on these issues.

Dictionary of Islamic Names

The first lesson given to Adam (A.S) after his creation was the knowledge of names, which established his superiority over the angels, and become the reason for their prostration to him. Although the Holy quran does not give the names that Adam (A.S) was taught, it does say that the earliest form of knowledge imparted to man by his creator was the knowledge of names. the first lesson also established the identity of objects and human beings from the beginning.

Divorce its history, legislation and modern reality

Divorce is more common today then at any previous time in recorded history. Muslims being no exception, there is a manifest need for a book that provides a clear exposition and practical guidance. The author, Samir Elatar, is a trained expert on the legal aspects of marriage who has advised hundreds of Muslim couples.